Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So Cade's 9 year old friend, Las just gave him an ipod. (i guess he had an extra?) Anywho, what i don't get MORE than the fact that he just handed him an ipod is the music that is on his playlist. I'm not joking. It is SERIOUSLY disturbing to me that ANYONE let alone a 9 year old is listening to this crap- oh wait this is his OLD one. So who knows how long he has been listening to it. (of course this is mostly assumptions and speculating on my part after browsing through the titles of the artists/albums/songs- i'm not brave enough to actually listen to it)
And i know, i know, i'm so naive and blah blah blah. I do love me some good Korn, Godsmack, and Marilyn Manson but ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME!?
It makes me really really concerned (make that ANXIOUS) about the youth and future of our country that THIS is the total shit that is inundating their developing minds and world views starting in elementary school. Aye. And don't tell me that it doesn't affect them. Read some studies and then we'll talk.

End of my rant.
(for now of course)

a sweet remembrance

This is what filled my mind's eye as i read to him last week. Those years and years of reading from God's word in a little circle by the fire at church Sunday mornings. I was actually wishing i knew where they had left off...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The past couple days i've had the privilege of sitting by my grandpa's side as he prepared for heaven. On Tuesday my family and i sang some of his favorite hymns to him, and though he was mostly unresponsive, we were told that hearing is the last sense to go, so i'm sure that it blessed him. I know it did us.
That night i got some time alone with him while my aunt and parents went for dinner. I held his warm strong hand and read to him Psalms, of God's great love for us and of our inheritance in Christ, and from Revelation, marveling at the things which he was to soon see and experience first hand.
Grandpa was not able to communicate much with us that day. He would attempt a murmering response at times, and seemed to acknowledge what was being said in his ear. But it wasn't until i gave him a hug and kiss goodbye and told him i loved him, that he slowly opened his eyes to look into mine and say "i love you too". How incredibly blessed i feel, and understand it to be a gift straight from God, that those were the last words i heard him say.
Yesterday, i spent more time with Grandpa, but he was further from us. The only response i witnessed was wiggling of his toes as times- when asked a question or while we were singing. And finally, even that was gone. (I wondered if he was getting sick of hearing us sing, i worked my way through 2/3s of a hymnal, but figured he could let me know someday if that was the case)
Watching him struggle to take each and every breath, i prayed for peace, comfort and even a spirit of anticipation for him. That Jesus would come and take his hand to lead him straight to paradise, and grandma (I sure don't know if that's how it works, but i have suspicions, and it doesn't hurt to ask). And i prayed for strength and hope for his adoring children and grandchildren surrounding him.
Last night, in the final minutes of what was my grandmother's birthday, he left us to be with her and his Lord. I am so thankful for the peace, the answered prayers and the legacy of strength, faith and love that grandpa has left behind.
He will be missed terribly but we know we will see him soon.

Saturday, November 1, 2008