Friday, December 28, 2007

A Poll

Ashby: "Who thinks you should go tell your mom if you see ella doing something wrong?"

Blythe: "And who thinks you should have fun no matter what?"

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

i love how ella thinks she can boss cause she found someone smaller than her. and i also love how davis is giving her attitude.
wow. look at those simply fabulous scarves.

yes. she is eating a candy cane with her toes.

We have a new family member.
Meet Camelia (aka Cami) the Veiled Chameleon

Ella joins her Daddy on a Xmas day tradition

i made it (phew!)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

what i've been doing

So i realize it's been quite uninteresting around here and i apologize for the inconvenience and any role i may have played in your boredom.
As a lot of you know it's a rather busy time of year and i feel like i especially this month have a hard time keeping up with life. Here's just a snapshot of what i've been up to.

With the season comes the parties and since, as you all know, we are all so very popular, the calendar is filled with such events.
Unfortunately for the big people in this family, our party last weekend came with homework as well as a best gingerbread house title to defend and thus our entire saturday was dedicated (that is beyond chauffeuring to two other parties and one indoor soccer game and a partridge in a pear tree) to our little ski lodge and winter playground. (Please do not ask if we accomplished our goal. It's just too soon)

Also...i have taken up knitting. Below is my first...uh...piece.
I call it "loin cloth" (or pony tail warmer or cool wrap around your hand and stick your thumb threw thingy)

And of course been doing a little shopping...
with help of course.

And also we got our tree and so far i have even let the kids decorate it and i haven't even moved it all around. Yet. It looks very very special.

So...back to Mt Laundry for me. Seeya!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Its beginning to look a lot like...

me: So what are you going to ask santa for?

Blythe: hmmm I don't know what i should ask.

me: How about to end hunger and world peace?

Blythe: Huh? What's that?

me: It means that no one in the world would be hungry cause there would be enough food for everyone to eat and that there would be no more fighting and no more wars in the whole world too.

Blythe: Mo-omm. I don't wanna ask for that.

me: Why in the world not?

Blythe: Cause that's not fun.

Monday, December 3, 2007


So this is our cat, Indigo, for those of you who haven't yet been introduced.
And that shiny streak all the way down her back is strawberry toothpaste that someone decided she should wear.
And she would like for you to feel just a bit of the pain of living in this madhouse.
(and she also wishes that this picture was scratch-and-sniff cause she sure does smell fruit-a-licious!)