Monday, September 29, 2008

just because

i like to look at a picture when i open this thing up.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

this blog is sponsered by progressive auto insurance


(no lie- for a 6th month policy. that is a savings of $777.20 a year. oh, AND i also now have four times the coverage. SUCKAS!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OMG- espresso pillows.

Yeah, so i don't know how i became so delusional to think i would have "extra time" when school started. (though maybe it is the auction too...i'll need to check back in after that)
So...i would like to blog more. And put more photos up. And etc.. and etc...
But at least i am making sure i do not take out the things that are life giving.
And for the record, ella is so freaking hilarious i can hardly stand it sometimes.
aka- she started a story about preschool the other night at the table by saying "APPARENTLY i was washing the babies..." and no people, they were not real babies.
(so apparently... she parrots back just about everything i say so it should get REAL interesting- i especially enjoy the exasperated sighs she frequently voices when asked to do something)

So i am overwhelmed, sore from yoga, hoping for a jammed finger (SONJA!- ps i am needing my pinky more than i had originally predicted- oh crap! guitar should be fun), exhausted, fed up with drama, thankful for new/old friends, not sure i can pull off this new haircut (i know you believe in me, Colleen - ps ella is talking to you on her phone right now and just asked if you were still sick), hoping i do not have to sit in time out at book club tomorrow, excited for art lit, enjoying my study, looking for a well deserving dog to feed my cat to, thankful for chicken noodle soup (you rock Ginny!), fed up with The Man and injustice and inconsiderate jerks and ridiculousness and Verizon in general(special place in hell you know), wondering why we are STILL watering the swamplands in my backyard, and WAYYYYY behind on laundry (would it be too much to ask that we all take a day off of the peeing the bed? pretty please. just until i get caught up at least?).

But we live today, right?

So again, here's to espresso pillows (i think i may develop a habit)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm gonna say they take after their father

Finally the first day of school is upon us! Though i do have to say, as i get older (i said oldER not old) the summers go by more and more quickly, and really, i DO enjoy my kids and we had a fun summer (which i hope to share more of as i have time to go back and upload pics). Here are my beautiful crazy pants kids (i really did not have the patience for this so oh well)

Sierra- 5th grade (last year of elementary school!)

Cado- 3rd grade

Blythie- 1st Grade

and...start Dora induced coma (also funny, for now at least,is how after a summer of no tv Ella has no idea what commercials are and screams out in alarm EACH and EVERY commercial break)Ella starts pre-school next Tuesday and she'll tell anyone who will listen!