Tuesday, June 24, 2008

to my health!

So now i am drinking beer and not exercising(it is hard to in summer- aka school's out) and i was thinking that sounded like a pretty winner combination.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I would like to announce to the world that yesterday i ordered my first beer EVER (i was told that raspberry thing at the Rheinlander that one time did NOT count) AND i did not even make beer face when i was drinking it AND i even ordered a second glass. (PLUS i don't think the guys at the table would've even guessed i was not a beer drinking fiend and brenda was a good friend and didn't tell:))(Wait, i did order a glass and not a pint, that may have been moderately suspicious)(dang it!)

Monday, June 9, 2008


Oh man am i ever enjoying a catcher in the rye! I'm almost done and i really don't wanna be cause i laugh out loud every page just about.
And i sure am gonna miss ol' Holden when this is done. He kills me. He really does.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

So today was kinda a bummer.

First, i didn't get to go to guitar lessons OR pilates.
Second, the equator has apparently shifted southwards unbeknownst to those of us who signed our children up for spring baseball and softball.
and Third, Blythe puked in the starbucks parking lot right as i was about to pick up a warm caffeinated drink to get me through the next few hours of spectating.

On a positive note, Sierra ROCKED her last game. She had some AMAZING catches, a huge infield grounder, two hits to the outfield, and even a single handed double play. I would guess she was responsible for AT LEAST a third of the teams outs, and i promise i am not just being a parent. For reals. I'm sorry you missed it. Also, if i may brag just a little, this is her first year playing and she was even a little nervous to start this season, worried that she wouldn't be good enough.

On a not so positive note, i really really hope i don't catch this bug, cause it just so happens it would be a royal pain in the ass to deal with puking WHILE watching a 10 month old chocolate lab puppy for the weekend, helping at field day, going to NCO, attending Sierra's softball team party, watching Cade's baseball game, driving Cade to a birthday party (picking up a birthday present), playing a softball game, going to TKB?, picking up supplies and refreshments for Paul's CD release party, and doing lyrics for ethnos and the party. So God, with that in mind, can we pretty please just skip that this time maybe?

ALSO: We have a new friend who keeps visiting our front door, as the other members of my household can not seem to remember to bring the cat food inside the house. And i was thinking, as the little fella has become the most regular visitor of our home that he or she should at least be given a name. Maybe Rocky, or Ricky or something. I was kinda leaning toward Rita to tell you the truth. (ps how do you know if a raccoon is a boy or a girl?) Anyway, i am open to suggestions.

Monday, June 2, 2008

help please

Today i could use prayers and patience (and/or prayers for patience) because:

1. Ella is wearing panties

2. It is monday

3. I, like Garrett, and Allison, can not seem to sleep through the night

4. Justin is still devastated from my 400+ point victory at Rummy last night


5. Ella is wearing panties