Wednesday, October 31, 2007


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Emma Margaret Strom ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~ November 12, 1922 - October 31, 2007 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday, October 29, 2007


So my dad is heading down to be with his family.
The hospice people think that today could be the day she leaves us.
I wonder how much we have a role in how long we stay in these broken bodies. It, as far as my limited knowlege goes, sure seems to play a part.
How we find a balance between not wanting to leave loved ones, and maybe fear of the unknown, and releasing ourselves from the pain of this life once we have permission to (and maybe to even eagerly anticipate the inconceivably better things).
Anyway, i suspect the waiting and watching that struggle is probably the hardest thing when it is someone you love.
And the whole thing is totally and completely out of your hands.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

oh and also...

My Two One-Things

Several people recently have suggested to me to find one thing a day that makes me happy, so i thought fine, as cheesy and ridiculously psychobabbly as that sounds i'll give it a whirl. And yesterday i really needed one and i am thrilled to tell you about it.
#1 It all started last week on the bus for a field trip with the Raleigh Hills second graders. I sat next to a new mom that i hadn't met before and we started chatting. In the course of conversation i mentioned playing ball with some of the faculty at the school on Wednesdays (i observed her height earlier) and she asked if i played in high school or college. I told her i played for a couple years at a little school in salem called Corban College/Western Baptist, to which she responded,"Oh, do you know Rosey Pankey?" To which i replied "Yes. She was my roommate!" Anyway, turns out she played against Rosey in High School and she is married to Eric Estep (i knew that last name was familiar) who also played at my college and her brother-in-law, Brandon, played on the Men's team the same time i was there. So we know a lot of the same people AND they go to Beaverton Foursquare and used to live right by our friends the Starpolis and Sierra's friend Julia (who's mom she is in a bible study group with).
Which brings me to yesterday when she showed up to play basketball with us and she is AWESOME and it was so so much fun to play with her, even if we were on different teams and she TOTALLY stuffed one of my shots (which Rosey also used to do) (I will choose to forgive her this time) AND the best part is she said her sister-in-law would totally love to play with us to which would mean we could play boys against girls and totally kick thier asses, which is really what i am all about.
In conclusion, i have a new friend and she is nice and pretty and loves God and has a second grade son and wants to play basketball with me and i don't have to work hard for that to make me happy.

#2 So most of you know one of my favorite charities is Northwest Children's Outreach and i never stop singing it's praises. Well today my friend Holly, who hosts a wednesday segment called the IT Moms on Fox12's Good Day Oregon, came with her camera crew and filmed the whole segment at the warehouse and it's going to be on in a couple weeks, as well as syndicated on ten other stations across the country (and maybe the web-not for sure on that). And i let my kids skip school and come, and ella was recorded doing very ella-ish things and so hopefully it turns out really cute, but most importantly imagine how this will get out the word for NCO. AND they showed up with a whole car full of diapers which we almost never have enough of. We were very very super thrilled.

So there is Wednesday and today. And we'll see what i can come up with for tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

AidsWalk Pix

Sorry i'm so late in updating. Things have been kinda crazy lately.
So...thanks to all of you that supported sierra in her fundraising efforts.
The girls had a blast!Isabel, Sarah and Sierra

Portland Fire Support

walking on the eastside esplanade

Go Superfreaks!

Monday, October 8, 2007

To Whom it May Concern

Sierra has decided to spend her 10th birthday (quite a milestone you know) walking with her friends and family on the Nike Sponsered AIDS Walk Portland to raise awareness and money for the cascade aids project in our community this Sunday.
If any of you blog readers would like to sponser her you can go to and click on the AIDS Walk Portland and then on Sponser Walker and enter Sierra's name.
I love that her heart is sensitive toward the "least of these" and would love to encourage her in this. (i suggested that some of her friends might not be able to join us because of a church conflict and she responded "but mom, it is like church". A good reminder to all of us to where jesus just might spend his time on a sunday, or any day really.
Thanks for considering supporting her team goals (go Sierra and the Superfreaks!) and look for pics post walk day.

Monday, October 1, 2007

in keeping in line with the title of this blog

So my good pal Wayne called me a "sort of free spirit" today and i was wondering if that was true (thoughts of dharma and phoebe and other such totally insane yet loveable people leapt to the forefront of my thoughts) or if it had absolutely everything to do with the timing of the hoop now coming out of the side of my nose, being that he is older than moses and all.